Injury & Dismemberment

Anthony represented a commercial fisherman who lost a portion of four fingers due to negligence. In this specific case, the dismemberment was caused by a fish heading machine that was not equipped with the required automatic safety shut off feature. The safety devise was stored in a warehouse ashore and had never been installed as required. Anthony obtained recovery against the Jones Act Employer, the Ship Owner and the Equipment Manufacturer. The settlement ($275,000) has allowed the injured fisherman to support himself and his family without the necessity of working at sea.

A Florida seaman sustained a traumatic brain injury and was in a coma for six weeks after falling from a ladder into the fishhold. The fall was caused by a forklift operator who launched plastic totes into the air, striking the seaman on his way down the ladder. In this case, Anthony recovered damages, not only inclusive of maintenance and cure, but also from the dock owner, whose allowance of negligent forklift operations, was the primary cause of injury.