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Anthony is willing to consider your maritime case no matter where it occurs, this may require association of local counsel. Anthony Urie specializes in maritime injury cases.  His experience includes almost every imaginable maritime injury, up to and including wrongful death. Anthony's unique understanding of commercial fishing injuries, having been a commercial fisherman himself, allows him the unique opportunity to fully appreciate the dangers associated with maritime work. 

In addition to Maritime Injury Cases, Anthony represents injured persons having been in motor vehicle accidents.  Anthony also has served as a public defender and is experienced in criminal defense matters.

About Anthony M. Urie

Anthony was raised in Alaska and began his at-sea fishing experience at the age of 10. By 17, he was serving as a captain on a commercial fishing vessel, and was already familiar with the inherent risks associated with working at sea.  He has personally experienced being capsized and abandoning a sinking vessel.  He has been tossed into the sea without a survival suit or life jacket.  Anthony can fully understand the pain and suffering associated with both the physical injury and the emotional fear of the life-threatening situations a fisherman must face.

Anthony is a licensed US Coast Guard Captain commercial fishing endorsement 500 hundred gross tons. Each year he continues to work at sea in Alaska and the Pacific Coast on as a commercial fisherman aboard vessels he operates as captain.

Anthony has been practicing law for 35 years and has represented thousands of injured seaman and motor vehicle accident victims. He was admitted to practice in California in 1980 and Washington in 1981.  Anthony has been counsel for victims and their families in several landmark cases, including the Aleutian Enterprise and Arctic Rose, sinkings in the Bering Sea as well as served as co-class counsel in the Cosco Busan Oil Spill in San Francisco Bay.

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